Saturday, June 29, 2013

Suppliers in the Certification Development Marketplace

There are thousands of organizations, associations, institutions, companies and governments worldwide that offer certification. But, there’s little by way of a guide as to the suppliers that are available to service the certification development needs of these organizations.

The certification development supplier marketplace encompasses companies and professionals whose primary focus is on developing and delivering certification programs for associations, organizations, governments and companies (this article does not focus on education assessment/ development suppliers or third party certification exam providers).

There are few resources available to guide those wanting to develop a certification program that provide direction regarding the suppliers that are available to help with; creating, implementing and maintaining a program. You’ll learn who the top four players are that dominate the marketplace, and the stratification of the remaining players in niche areas from planning to software services.

This white paper provides you a compass, a guide to the range of service categories required from end-to-end and an organized listing of supplier services. Hear from industry experts on; the revenue value placed on the certification marketplace today, upcoming technology impacts and certification conferences you should be aware of to increase your team’s bench strength and broaden your program’s impact.

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